14 thoughts on “Sharks

  1. I learnt that sharks kill about 5 people a year in shark attacks.
    It is estimated that 100,000,000 sharks are killed every year due to fishing for their fins.

  2. I learnt that a shark can have 3000 teeth at one time and 30,000 teeth can fall out. Another fact I learnt is that if one tooth breaks it doesn’t matter because they constantly get replaced.

  3. I learnt that there are more then 500 types of sharks.
    My favourite shark in the video was the basking shark.
    The whale shark is the biggest shark.

  4. Today I learnt that not all sharks are known to attack humans. It was really fun watching the video. I loved how it told me that not all sharks eat humans though we eat shark and not all eat us. But I think it was fun learning.

  5. I learnt about shark pups. Sharks are 5 feet long and I also learnt there are over 400 type of sharks in the world. The pups leave their mother as soon as they are born because the mother can eat the pups.

  6. Today I learnt that when sharks loose their teeth they grow back with another
    tooth, my favourite shark is the great white shark.

  7. I learnt about sharks. I learnt that great white sharks leave their pups and the pups have to eat fish. The great white sharks can swim very deep. It can grow to about 30 feet long.

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