17 thoughts on “Mealworm update

  1. Miss Nguyen,
    I liked the music in the video clip. I hope everyone else likes it too.
    What is the song called?

    From Nancy

  2. Hi Miss Nguyen,
    Why do you want the video clip short?
    Because I like the music, it was so cool.

    Miss Nguyen, I love your meal worm posts. They a so nice and cool, can you please do more mealworm posts?

    • Hi Nancy,
      The video clips I create are short because I am not recording students work for a very long time. The program I use to edit the videos (add music and make it pretty) also cuts the video clips shorter.
      That’s good to hear that you are enjoying the posts I’ve been putting up about our mealworms. I should be adding a couple more videos as the pupae start emerging as a beetle.

  3. Dear Miss Nguyen,
    My mealwom changed into a pupa overnight, he’s really big!
    I also changed it’s oats and carrot too.

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