Our Melbourne Museum Excursion

On Friday 29th April, our class and two other 1/2 classes visited the Melbourne Museum to learn more about bugs.

First, we all had to be at school by 8:25am so that we could be on the bus and leaving school at 8:45am.

As soon as we got to the museum, we get straight inside to watch an IMAX movie called Bugs: Mighty Micro Monsters. During this movie we learnt about the amazing things different bugs can do!

Next, we explored the Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Gallery where we got to see many different types of bugs and learn a little more about what makes them different.

Then, we had time to explore other galleries inside the museum. We manage to visit seven different areas; we saw everything in the Science and Life, Evolution and Forest Gallery.

Finally, it was our turn to have a special bugs session with one of the museum staff. During this time we got to learn more about the features of an insect. We also got to sort bugs in to two groups (insects and non-insects) and dress up as ‘insects’.

Straight after the special bug session, we had to quickly run off to catch the bus to make sure we got back to school on time.

We loved our excursion to the Melbourne Museum and we wished we had more time to see everything.