Contraction Practice

Game 1 – Contraction Quiz

Can you match the contractions to the words?


Game 2 – Contraction Memory Game

Contraction Practice

Game 3 – Contraction Quiz

Fill in the contraction that matches the word.

Game 4 – Writing Contractions

Contraction Game

Game 5 – Pick the Correct Contraction

Pick the Correct Contraction

Game 6 – Where Does the Apostrophe Go?

Where Does the Apostrophe Go?

Now that you can turn words into contractions, can you now… CHANGE IT BACK?

Game 7 – Un- Contraction Game

Un-Contraction Game

Place Value Game

Game Number 1

Can you work out how many tens and ones there are in each problem?


Game Number 2

  1. Go to
  2. Enter in a minimum number: 1
  3. Enter in a maximum number: 50, 100 or 1000 (start with 50 first)
  4. Press the Generate button
  5. Play the game and see how many stars you can collect before you make a mistake.
  6. Write a post to let your classmates know how many stars you got before making a mistake (remember, its all about whether or not you can beat you old school next time and not whether or not you have the highest score!)


Game Number 3

Here is a challenge for some Year 2 students to try!

Visit and select Level 1 before playing. Could you solve the problems?

Whole School Beach Day

Last Friday, the whole school went to Edithvale Beach!

First, 1/2N and 1/2PH got our things ready and took a bus to the beach. We were the second group of classes to get to the beach!

When we got to the beach, we all sat down and had our snacks before taking off our thongs and walking towards our first activity. 1/2N, 1/2PH and 1/2PM were all together to make one big group.

The first activity we took part of was a digging and burying activity. We had to work in groups to dig the biggest and deepest hole. Then we had to put all of our feet inside the whole and bury it.

The next activity we took part of was group games. Our classes were split three groups and we played games such as cat and mouse, poison ball and tiggy.

After that, it was time to have some lunch to get our energy back.

Once everyone finished their lunch, we headed back to the beach for five more activities!

  1. Free Play: during this time we were allowed to run around, dig holes and build castles and tunnels.
  2. Parachute: our group broke up into two groups and played with a giant parachute. the aim of the activity was to move the ball from one side around to the other by shaking the parachute up and down.
  3. Vortex/Frisbee: we had lots of fun at this activity as we throwing and catching either a vortex or frisbee.
  4. Meet the Lifesaver: here we learnt a little about the ways we can be safe at the beach. We learnt about the different types of flags we may see at the beach and what to do if we need help in the water.
  5. Sand Sculpting: at this activity, there were many different shape and sized containers for us to use to build our sandcastles. At this station, we were also allowed to dip our feet in the water!

Once we have completed all the activities, it was time for us to pack up and go back to school.

We had an amazing time at the beach!!

Children: Post a comment to let others know…

  • What was the best part of the beach day?
  • What your favourite activity
  • What is something you’d like us to do differently next time?

St John’s Ambulance

Yesterday, 1/2N and 5 children from 1/2BE visited the library to hear Megan talk about St John’s Ambulance and ways to help ourselves and others.

First, Megan asked us is we know what first aid meant.

Then, she taught us what to do if we had a blood nose, cut on our hand and how to treat a burn.

Next, she taught us about what we need to do to make sure we’re safe before we can help others.

Last, we roll played what we should do in order to help others.

Pancake Tuesday

On Shrove Tuesday, 1/2N and 5/6MH made pancakes.

First, our buddies came over to our classroom where all the equipment and ingredients were set up and ready to go.

Then, we completed a ‘Pancakes’ anagram and word search (while Miss Nguyen was cooking the pancakes.

Next, we learnt a little it about Shrove Tuesday and why people made and eat pancakes on this day.

Last, we got to eat some pancakes with jam or maple syrup.