Shark Facts

This week our class have been learning about sharks.

Here are some facts about sharks:

  • When sharks lose a tooth, another one comes out – Jayden
  • There are different species of sharks – Keeley
  • Big sharks can eat small sharks – Nidhi
  • Sharks can have up to six rows of teeth – Rasleen
  • There are 30 species of sharks that have attacked people – Tim
  • Most sharks are carnivores – Anh
  • Sharks can be found in salt and fresh water – Jasmine
  • Sharks eat other sea creatures such as: little fish, sea lions, dolphins and more – Alissa
  • Sharks are predators – Amy

Here are a list of some sharks we know:

  • great white shark
  • whale shark
  • bull shark
  • cookie cutter shark
  • blue shark
  • coral reef shark
  • shiny dogfish shark
  • nurse shark
  • port jackson shark
  • lemon shark
  • tiger shark
  • angel shark
  • hammer head shark
  • zebra shark
  • carpet shark




Sharks are the scariest creatures under the sea

It is believed that there are over a million creatures living under the sea and I believe that the shark is the scariest animal down there.

First, lets talk about a shark’s size and weight. They can grow to be a lot bigger and heavier than humans. An adult shark can grow to be longer than a car, 4.5 metres, and heavier than twenty-five children put together, 500 kilograms. Just think about it, an animal that big and heavy can easily knock or squash us!

Also, sharks have lots of sharp teeth. In fact, most sharks can have up to 50 teeth arranged in 5 rows. If this isn’t scary enough, they actually have back up teeth, ready to come up when the existing ones fall out and can have up to 50,000 teeth over their lifetime. So they will never run out of sharp teeth that are used to bite and rip through meat and bone without any problems.

Finally, and most importantly, sharks are predators. They normally feed on smaller fish and invertebrates, but larger sharks may prey on seals, penguins and even dolphins. Sharks also have a strong sense of smell, can feel vibrations in the water and see well at night, allowing them to hunt well in any condition. This means that sharks are good hunters and are rarely hunted.

For these reasons, I believe that sharks are the scariest creatures under the sea.